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Helping you design success!

Window Testing & Consulting


Helping you design success!


The AAMA 501.1 dynamic pressure water test has been used as a laboratory test for over 50 years .

Window Testing per ASTM /AAMA

Providing Window Testing services for commercial and residential buildings. Our services include Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the Weather Envelope with respect to Stucco, Roofing and Waterproof Decks. A building envelope does more than just keep the weather out. It is also crucial for meeting energy efficiency goals, for protecting occupant health and for ensuring a long building life. A compromised building envelope can be an owner’s worst nightmare. Our Team has the expertise to evaluate your building envelope to assess its condition and performance of building components. Many of our clients are  Architects, Attorneys, Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Home Owners, Building Owners, Insurance Companies, Homeowners Associations, in the resolution of construction disputes, insurance claims and prevent litigation matter.

Common tests are air infiltration (ASTM E 783) and water penetration resistance (ASTM E 1105.

Window Testing & Installation Inspections Quality Assurance Programs

Commercial Window Testing 

AAMA 502-08, ASTM E 1105, ASTM 2128, ASTM E 547

Litigation Team Management
Residential Window Testing
Building Inspection Service
Defect Litigation Support
Mold Claim Investigation
Building Code Analysis
Defect Analysis
Site Inspections
Destructive Testing
Repair Cost Estimating
Expert Construction Witness  
Detailed Investigation Services
Detailed Analysis and Reporting
Water Proofing Consulting Services
Detailed Plans and Specification Analysis
Stucco Testing ASTM 2128 Water Testing
ASTM Window and Door Testing Water/Air
ASTM E 1105 Curtain Wall Testing W/Pressure
Stucco Water Penetration Testing (Phenolphthalein)
ASTM E 1105 Store-Front Window Testing W/Pressure
Compare As-Built Construction to Plans and Specifications
ASTM E 1105 Mock-Up Window Testing Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Window Testing For Commercial Buildings

AAMA 501.1-17, the Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Windows, Curtain walls and Doors.


Our years of Window Testing experience will benefit you right from the start. Our Team coordinates and manages consulting expert teams for residential, low rise to high-rise commercial buildings and hospitality projects to ensure professional, appropriate, and cost-effective results for all of our clients.  Unlike some of the larger firms,   We never hire inexperienced consultants. We provide you with personal attention by working directly with Robert R. Tellez to bring a clear and concise understanding of your project's issues.  

AAMA 502, Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Window Products.

Window Testing

"Window Testing" is a third party water intrusion testing agencies that provides services across the landscape of America. Services are performed on the products and wall systems that make up a building's envelope including stucco systems for air infiltration and water penetration. This makes us unique from many of our competitors that we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

The NFRC has established a rating label system for windows so you can easily compare products and understand how your windows are going to perform. 

Companies who have their windows tested and certified, both structurally and thermally, are assuring you that the products being installed in your home are identical to the tested products in both construction and performance. Be sure to buy a window that is tested, certified and labeled. To learn more about window testing and ratings contact Robert R. Tellez. 

Fenestration Testing is a third party water intrusion testing agencies provides services nationwide

Water Intrusion and Forensic Window Testing Investigations

Our services is a third party that include Water Intrusion and investigation of residential and commercial projects. Our Team provides in-field forensic leak investigation & leak detection for commercial and residential buildings. We test forensically when a known leak exists and needs to be defined. Our Window -Testing services including,  AAMA 502, ASTM E 1105, ASTM 2128 that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

Commercial & Residential Water Leak Detection, AAMA 502, ASTM E2128

Commercial & Residential Window Testing Water Leak Detection Services

The field test may be made at the time the window, skylight, curtain-wall, or door assemblies are initially installed and before the interior of the building is finished. At this time, it is generally easier to check the interior surfaces of the assemblies for water penetration and to identify the points of penetration. The major advantage of testing when assemblies are initially installed is that errors in fabrication or installation can be readily discovered and corrections made before the entire wall with its component assemblies is completed at which time the expense of corrective work may be increased over time.


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